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Achieving the Impossible – Finding a Work-Life Balance!

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You're sitting there saying to yourself, "It's impossible; I've tried, you can't have your cake and eat it too. My Mum was right; this chick doesn't know what she's talking about." It's alright; I completely comprehend. Please provide me with roughly five minutes.

Discard all notions of work life balance that have been imparted to you. Societal movies and similar forms of entertainment are impossible. Achieving a successful work-life balance is ATTAINABLE! You don't even realize it, but in fact it is so near to you. Sometimes you call it a wonderful day, sometimes it is a smile on your face with the assurance that you put your best effort in, even with the "roadblocks" in the way.

What do you mean by that? Do you hear me asking? Achieving a balance between work and personal life is essential to being the best version of yourself every day. What steps do you take to achieve this? To create your own work life balance, you can utilize the three simple tools listed below. Re-read that last part -- your own work-life balance. What the movies/tv shows have, not what I have, not what your neighbor or customers have. It's your own distinct version - that's what makes you, your business, and your family stand out from the rest.

To achieve a work-life balance, follow these three simple steps:

Evaluate what you desire most from your business and family. Record all of the things that you desire from both. If nothing was a problem, what would a perfect day look like if you took it one step further and entered dream land? Be precise and thorough in your work.

Find out from your family what they expect from you and your business. In addition, inquire as to what they are willing to contribute in order to assist you. To gain an understanding of their thoughts and desires, one must ask.

Now that you have an idea of what you and your family want, you can formulate a plan and find the strategies or tools necessary to implement it and achieve it.

Now that you think that's great, how do you achieve balance? If the initial attempt at putting those things into practice is not successful, keep adjusting and experimenting until you find something that works. Two important things to keep in mind when doing this are:

You should celebrate your successes every night. Let go of the things that didn't work out.

Be aware that this is not a permanent solution. Strategies and tools will need to be continually adjusted and re-established over time. Every family and business will grow.

The final thing I wish to convey to you is this: RELEASE the pressure of attempting to achieve perfect equilibrium and create something that works for both you and your family.

Here's to you creating your own work-life balance and enjoying each day. Do you still think it's impossible?


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