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In a government study conducted on work-life balance in New Zealand, it was noted that many individuals were so preoccupied with the mundane tasks of daily life that they failed to realise that their life had become unbalanced. Most people were found to not seriously address work-life imbalance issues until they were in a crisis situation.

Most New Zealanders have a natural reserve and pride when it comes to discussing personal issues, which the study noted is likely why most employees felt reticence raising work-life balance issues with their employer. By the time stress is reported, therefore, the situation is already critical. According to New Zealand law, employers must take steps to avoid excessive stress which could lead to harm. Employers who are prudent have initiatives for work-life balance that are established permanently.

These initiatives do not only benefit employees. The key benefits to employers identified by the 2003 NZ Dept of Labour study, titled 'Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Work-Life Balance in New Zealand', of implementing work-life balance initiatives were:

Having quality staff retention is essential for a successful business.

Any business must be able to attract quality staff in order to be successful.

Increased productivity and enhanced quality

Everyone benefits from having a happier workplace.

It may be necessary to hire more motivated staff members.

A beneficial relationship between staff and management can be cultivated by coming closer together.

It is essential to bring in an experienced professional to teach staff how to release stress and create balance in their lives, as employers typically lack the time, resources or expertise to do so.

A professional will assist in modifying behaviours necessary for work/life balance, amongst other lifestyle changes.

Putting yourself first is a skill to be learned. Personality-wise, those who tend to be the most stressed are typically givers, always putting others before themselves. When under pressure, it's critical to prioritize yourself and cease doing too much for others. It can be challenging to change without help, unfortunately, for a person who has had a lifetime of being like this. This behaviour will be examined by professionals to identify its underlying subconscious motivations. Those who fail to make this crucial life change while under stress may find their situation deteriorating.

Practice saying "no". Those who don't prioritize themselves tend to struggle with the difficulty of rejecting requests. Whether in their employment or in their personal life, they will take on more and more workload due to this. Although they may feel resentful and like they are being manipulated by others, in reality it is usually an inability to set and enforce appropriate boundaries.

Make sure to have something in your life that you love or are passionate about. In what ways do you find enjoyment, fun, passion or interest in your life? Making the mistake of dropping out hobbies or interests is often a result of people trying to simplify their lives when they are feeling stressed. Time must be allocated for these activities, as they are essential to our lives. Don't cut back on that which gives you pleasure, but look for other areas to reduce expenses. Give top priority to adding one of these elements to your life if it is currently lacking.

Make sure to give yourself some YOU time. It is essential to make time for yourself. A well balanced life necessitates setting aside time for exercise, relaxation, and even a bit of pampering.

Bring purpose and significance to your life. Feeling that we are making a difference in the world, even if in a small way, is an essential part of life. We need to have purpose. If you cannot find an answer to the question of what difference you make, look for ways to make a difference. Why not try doing a bit of charity work, contribute to your community in some way, perform a good deed at least once a week, and give someone the gift of a smile? Whatever brings you joy and makes you feel good about yourself.

You name them - work, family, health, friends, and spirit and you’re keeping all of these in the air."

Visualize life as if it were a game in which you are managing five balls simultaneously. Name them: work, family, health, friends, and spirit; and keep them all in the air. You are keeping all of Work, Family, Health, Friends and Spirit in the air. Work is like a rubber ball -- you will soon understand that. If you drop it, it will rebound. The other four Balls - Family, Health, Friends, and Spirit - are made of glass. Dropping one of these will irrevocably cause them to become scuffed, marked, nicked, damaged, or even shattered. They will never be alike.


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