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Do You Have a Healthy Work/Life Balance?

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It appears that nowadays, those of us who are entrepreneurs or corporate managers are living a constant hustle and bustle in our lives. It can be hard to take a break from time to time when we have our iPhones constantly in our hands. In today's world, it is especially crucial to find a balance between work and life, making sure to set aside time for yourself and those you care about. Technology is constantly changing, which enables us to communicate less in the workplace and even in our personal lives.

We, as business owners or executives, know how hard it is to disconnect from our work, probably more so than the average worker. It appears that, no matter what, there is always something that needs to be done when you are in charge of a team or office. We don't intend to urge you to ignore your work; rather, we want to help you make some time for yourself.

Put your work in order of priority.

At the start of each week, take the time to plan out your schedule, prioritizing what needs to be done and what can be delayed. You can also structure your week so that a few nights are dedicated to getting as much work done as possible, while the remaining nights are focused on "life" priorities. If it doesn't have to be done that day, why not postpone it until tomorrow so you can take some time off and spend quality time with your family, watch a beloved TV show, or even take a stroll?

Create a list of things that are essential to you outside of your job. To ensure that it gets done, schedule going to the gym (for example) into your day or week if you want to start. By treating fun things in life like errands and appointments, they are more likely to be completed. Attempt to avoid overburdening yourself with multiple tasks. If you desire to establish a work/life balance, beginning slowly is a crucial element.


Do you have any tasks or activities in your life that can be eliminated? You may need to minimize the things you do due to your busy work schedule. Given the ever-growing to-do list and hectic schedule that many people face, it is rare to find someone who has the time to get everything done. If you enjoy playing golf or tennis, going to the movies, or spending time with family at home, why not pick one or two of these activities and combine them? You could free up time for work or family by playing tennis with your family, or playing golf once a week.

In order to attain a balanced lifestyle, it is imperative to remember that you don't need to agree to each and every social invitation. As a business owner, it is important to network and meet new people; however, make sure not to compromise the job that needs to be done. It is generally understood that work and family come before all else. By saying no one week, you may be able to accept an invitation the following week, thereby creating a well-balanced social life.


You likely have people in your life such as friends, family, and employees who can assist you in lightening your workload. These people can be utilized to make your life a little less stressful. Have your spouse make dinner twice a week so that you can work on something else. Have a friend watch your children for a weekend so that you can take a much-needed short vacation. See if you can find an employee you can rely on to assist you with some of your duties, allowing you to leave work early on occasion.

Giving your friends and family adequate notice now that you have prioritized your week will make it more likely that they will be able to help you. Asking for help does not make you appear weak or incompetent; in fact, it shows that you are strong enough to rely on others. It is important to maintain a balanced work and home life, so that we can be more willing to assist those in need around us. Remember that both giving and taking are important. When you are helped by others, it allows you the opportunity to return the favor when they need it most.

No matter what, there will always be tasks to take care of at work, but making sure you take time to do the activities you enjoy will help maintain a healthy balance between your job and your personal life.


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