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Ten Typical Signs That You May Be Experiencing Burnout

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Burnout can be seen as emotional and physical exhaustion resulting from prolonged stress, wherein one feels overly overwhelmed and unable to keep up with relentless demands.

How can you identify burnout? Below are 10 typical and common signs that it may be happening:

A person who is suffering from burnout may feel a sense of hopelessness, powerlessness, isolation, entrapment, and often intense despair.

A person suffering from burnout is much more prone to irritability and edginess than usual. He or she can be very curt and cynical... much more than usual.

Insomnia is quite common among people with burnout, however some may find themselves sleeping for much longer than normal and having great difficulty in waking up.

A person experiencing burnout may feel a sense of detachment and disconnection from their work, relationships, and even from themselves.

A person suffering from burnout typically experiences absolute, total, and utter exhaustion.

cannabis), and smoking

A person with burnout may engage in behaviors such as increased alcohol consumption, drug use (e.g. cannabis), and smoking. In an effort to escape what they are experiencing and to escape from the negative feelings they have, some people may turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms such as sleeping pills, painkillers, aspirin or disprin, smoking, sexual activity, or increased shopping (for unnecessary and often expensive items).

A person with burnout may see drastic changes in their eating habits; some may completely lose their appetite and struggle to eat regular meals, while others may turn to comfort food, resulting in an increase in weight.

It is common for a person experiencing burnout to experience strain and difficulty in their relationships with family, friends, work colleagues, partners, and children, often leading to the breakdown of such relationships.

The person suffering from burnout often loses motivation and appears to be very apathetic.

A person experiencing burnout has an overwhelming feeling that they can't take on any more!

Although everyone may experience some or all of the signs of burnout, this does not necessarily mean they are suffering from it. Many weeks or months of burnout can cause a big difference as these signs are experienced over a long period of time.

The weight of burnout is heavy not only for the person experiencing it, but also for those close to them.

Lots can be done to prevent burnout from happening in the first place, and if it has happened, there is still good news - lots can be done to alleviate it!


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