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Do You Know the Differences Between Stress and Burnout?

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On a daily basis, events that could provoke a range of stress responses occur in our lives. Stress can be found in many areas of our daily lives, including at home, work, and beyond. We often become so accustomed to the typical signs of stress that we either adjust to them or choose to ignore them. It is possible we may be burned out if we experience prolonged symptoms that are too heavy, or if the prolonged stress makes us feel desensitized to everything around us.

Burnout can be defined as a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion caused by prolonged and excessive stress, with no foreseeable resolution. Burnout is often accompanied by a sense of helplessness. You may also experience apathy or even cynicism.

By being able to identify the signs of burnout, you can aid yourself in regaining balance or at least reducing the intensity of burnout. By recognizing the potential of burnout caused by stress, you can prevent harm to yourself, your relationships and your career.

Stress can make you feel both physically and emotionally drained, and we are subjected to it every day. If you don't take action to reduce daily stress, you may eventually experience the symptoms of stress and burnout.

Although Stress and Burnout are two distinct and separate issues, they are interconnected and can be addressed with similar solutions. Differences between these two problems usually include the following: stress may make you feel hyper-emotional while burnout can make you feel under-emotional or at times not caring; stress may make you hyperactive while burnout can make you feel hopeless; stress can impact your physical well being while burnout can impact your emotional well being.

Despite the apparent distinctions between stress and burnout, they can both be addressed and resolved in the same manner. By recognizing the symptoms early on and engaging in a stress management program to reduce the amount of stress that can contribute to burnout, one can begin to solve the problem.

By engaging in physical activity, meditation, and yoga, you can learn to relieve stress and rejuvenate yourself, preventing the buildup of stressful forces that could lead to burnout. Maintaining a balance between your daily stress and other activities will help to prevent burnout from overwhelming your life.


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